Teaching and Curriculum Design Experiences

During my time at ASU, I have taught several different courses in person, Hybrid (online & in-person OR synchronous & asynchronous), as well as synchronous and asynchronous online formats in three various degree programs: B.A. in Elementary Multilingual Education (EME), M.A. in Educating Multilingual Learners (EML), and B.A. in Elementary Education. 
In addition to teaching classes, I have contributed to designing a new online graduate program (M.A. in EML) and have designed five foundational undergraduate and graduate-level courses for online, Hybrid, and in-person delivery.
Graduate Level
  • BLE 597: Capstone, M.A. EML program [Asynchrnous Online]
  • BLE 531: Linguistically & Culturally Sustaining Pedaggoy, M.A. EML program [Asynchrnous Online]
  • BLE 534: Language, Policy, and Power: Past and Present, M.A. EML program [Asynchrnous Online]
  • BLE 511: Introduction to Language Minority Education, M.A. EML program [Asynchrnous Online]
  • BLE 520: ESL for Children, M.A. EML program [Asynchrnous Online]
  • BLE 561: Parental Involvement in Language Minority Education Programs, M.A. EML program [Asynchrnous Online]
Undergraduate Level
  • BLE 536: Culturally Sustaining & Transformative Pedagogies, B.A. in EME program  [Synchrnous Online]
  • MCE 447: Diversity in Family & Communities in Multicultural Settings, B.A. in EME program  [Hybrid]
  • BLE408: SEI for Linguistically Diverse Learners, B.A. in EME program, B.A. in Elementary Education  [in-person, Synchronous Online ]
  • BLE 413: Language Arts in BLE,/ESL Settings, B.A. in EME program, B.A. in Elementary Education  [in-person]
As a graduate teaching fellow, I taught a course offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels for pre-service and in-service teachers on instructional methods for bilingual, English as a Second Language (ESL), and mainstream Early Childhood and Elementary classrooms.
Undergraduate and Graduate Levels
  • EDUC 6346 : Teaching Bilingual Students [In-person]
Persian Language Teacher
Taught Persian to adult English speakers in Iran and the United States

Kish Institute of Science and Technology, Isfahan, Iran

EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Teacher
Main classroom teacher for Iranian adolescent and adult English learners